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The Forever Deal

A Commitment to Love

by Carole Armour-Greenbaum



My Memoir came into being as a result of the loss of my husband while I was relatively young. I wish I had a book like this to challenge me in my new role and to give me the courage that life was not over, rather a new chapter had begun.


It’s my desire to encourage other women in my situation for whatever reasons they find themselves alone. Giving them hope is the main reason I’ve written


The Forever Deal.


Secondarily, an equal purpose is to acknowledge the many men I met for what I learned from each of them. Love happens as often as we choose. 


Along with a major life change, came new opportunities in various aspects of my life such as education, new work opportunities, and new adventures in the world of how I came to envision myself as a sole traveler, mid life, devouring every opportunity to re-create myself.


By: Tanya Besmehn


Carole Amour-Greenbaum begins her journey in “The Forever Deal” on a first name basis with grief. Having surrendered her husband Norm to the cruelness of cancer, Carole was left to embark on her own. The safe existence she knew with Norm was gone forever, but not her will to continue living a life that was rich, meaningful and perhaps even romantic once again.


“The Forever Deal” is an inspiring story for anyone who has suffered loss through death, divorce or the simple demise of a once sturdy love affair. Carole is the epitome of grace as she picks herself up and ventures back into the world of relationships.


More than her fair share of undesirables crosses her path, but Carole is resilient as she dons her dancing shoes and waltzes her way in and out of the hearts of her partners on and off the dancefloor.With two adult children who are a little uncertain about their mothers’ new escapades, Carole assures them that while Norm may be gone, he will never be replaced and would wish her nothing but abundant happiness. So, with their blessings, she soldiers on in hunt of her “forever deal.”


So many emotions are tapped in this sometimes sad, often humorous and infinitely sexy account of the single life after fifty and the search for a second chance at true love. Carole’s continued, yet reviled, relationship with loss further defines her as a heroic woman whose faith is stoic and resolve unstoppable.


The wonderfully engaging woman depicted in the book, “The Forever Deal”, will escort you on her climb from the abyss to the top of the world. You’ll arrive a little bruised; a little amazed, but copiously thankful to be her travel mate on an enlightening journey that lets you know for certain that size and gender have little to do with pure strength.


Fasten your emotional seatbelt—you’re in for quite a ride.

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