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The Forever Deal


A Commitment to Love

by Carole Armour-Greenbaum


As the author of The Forever Deal I’m happy to tell you about a significant and often challenging time in my life after the death of my first husband, and how I came to meet Les, the man who has filled even more than my dreams.

My first husband Norm died when we were married for 30 years leaving me alone for the first time. This new and uncertain life was really scary and my vision was dim as I entered this unknown world.

I had no roadmap. What I did have was an intense desire to recreate myself in my new life. It was a daunting task to regain my passion for living yet my overwhelming desire to become fully alive again was my compass into this new world.


I was so lonely even with my daughter, Susan, my son, Ben, and my granddaughter, Desirea, to comfort me. But I made a conscious decision to create a new and alive Carole. I had no idea of how I would do this except to work on myself with my coach and return to my old job at Lifespring Seminars, working with groups of people to empower them even as I was empowering myself. I took every action I believed would result in a re- creation of this new me.


Along with my work I entered what felt like insanity at times. Singles dating in the 90’s was so foreign to me I felt as though I went to sleep in England and woke up in France. I took chances that I do not recommend today. I dated so many men it was like being in a school of self- discovery as I learned something about myself from each one. When you read my book you may see parts of yourself in me.


And, to you single men, you, too, may find that men and woman are not so different in deep matters of the heart.


My work life deepened as I found greater depths in myself. I worked with birthmothers who were placing their babies for adoption. I became certified in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and later Guided imagery. I worked as a Hospice Volunteer, trained with a psychic to do Psychic Counseling and even became credentialed in the financial field which you may have guessed wasn’t a great fit. However, how could I know if I didn’t explore?


So this time was not just about dating and the guys from whom I learned so much about myself for which I’m eternally grateful. It was about being open to exploring my new world. When I finally met Les I fell in love with him the day we met and we were married a year later. Les is a deep, sensuous, brilliant, sexy and loving man. Above all he’s kind.


If I hadn’t taken chances I’d still be alone. We don’t have to be alone…falling asleep on tear stained pillows. It’s all about opening our hearts and minds to juicy lives.


I have been inspired to write this book to share my journey in the hope that my readers who are single, know that they aren’t alone. As I see it, bravery begins with an open heart that inspires others and says, you, too, can reach out and grab your own brass ring.


Carole Armour-Greenbaum holds an

Associates of Arts Degree from Pine Manor Junior College, Wellesley, Massachusetts. 

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in The Dynamics of Marriage Relationships from the University Without Walls in Los Angeles.

Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Guided Imagery Therapist.


Carole has used a combination of the above modalities assisting birthmothers to clarify their decision to place their babies for adoption.


Carole currently resides in Southern California, with her loving husband Les.

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