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The Forever Deal

A Commitment to Love

by Carole Armour-Greenbaum


"The Forever Deal is one woman's uplifting and triumphant journey back into life and love after the sudden death of her husband. I laughed and cried from cover to cover and will recommend this book to every member of our Partner Loss community and friend who is looking for the light at the end of the tunnel."


– Dr. Ken Druck, Author
The Real Rules of Life: Balancing Life's Terms with Your Own


"Carole Armour-Greenbaum’s memoir, ‘The Forever Deal’, is the real deal. She provides the reader with both intimate and hilarious aspects of her journey from being a bereaved widow to becoming a life partner with the man of her dreams. This book is a ray of hope for many discouraged women and men who have given up on the hope that true love can come at (and after) mid-life and she shares the details of how she was able to transform her loneliness into ecstatic joy. If there is one book you read this year, make it this one!"


– Charlie Bloom


Charlie Bloom is the co-author of "101 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Married" ,"Secrets of Great Marriages" and soon to be released "Happily Ever After and 39 Other Myths About Love", publishing in 2016.


"A truly honest read, that lets you into the heart mind and soul of a widowed woman. Carole Armour-Greenbaum sets out to find herself in a new normal. What is the world of dating all about? Will she be happy or better yet in love again? The way she carries herself and loves life and love is deeply meaningful and heartwarming. Not all of us are capable or comfortable expressing ourselves the way this author has, she holds nothing back and helps us all see that if you keep on seeking your dreams they do in fact come to fruition, Carole pushes through the rough and sometimes painful dating relationships to find her Forever Deal, the man you dream of does exist if you are true to yourself you will too find your Forever Deal."


– Desi


"Armour-Greenbaum writes so vividly about her experience, I felt like I was inside her head - thinking her thoughts and seeing through her eyes - as I read. This made for a moving, thought-provoking adventure, riding along on her committed journey to find love again. I laughed and I cried along with her, and I found myself looking at my own life with new insight."


– K. London


"In her book, "The Forever Deal," Carole takes you on a beautiful journey filled with happiness, sadness, excitement and loss. You feel as though you're her best friend and before you know It you are feeling empathy for each high and low she feels. I couldn't wait to read this book each night and was sad when it ended. I feel grateful for being able to learn more about life and myself through Carole's experiences that she so graciously and unabashedly shares with us."


– Steph Savas

"The openness and vulnerability at this time in your life shows your true colors of courage and perseverance allowing your lovingness and gratitude to shine through loud and clear. Love to you and Les for all you have given of yourselves to others (including me). "

– Freddie


"It was like reading a novel only they weren’t characters made up. They were for REAL! But after all your searching your true love was found!!!!"


– Rosalie Maretsky


"Carole. Just a note to say thanks for your memoir. Your courage, joy, and vitality are evident even in times of struggle. So glad you found Les and you two share 'forever love'."


– Linda L.


"The Forever Deal is an honest account about the sea of emotions we all weather throughout our lifetime and how one incredibly brave, strong woman chose to persevere despite waves of loss, grief, loneliness to ultimately find love and happiness. This book makes you stop and think and re-evaluate your own relationships - whether it's with your partner, siblings, children and ask: "What would I do if faced with that challenge?" The resounding message Carole provides for all of us is that it's possible for a positive outcome, a happy ending, when you have unfailing hope and determination to make a dream come true. Thank you Carole for sharing your story."


– A. Cahill


"Armour-Greenbaum writes so vividly about her experience, I felt like I was inside her head - thinking her thoughts and seeing through her eyes - as I read. This made for a moving, thought-provoking adventure, riding along on her committed journey to find love again. I laughed and I cried along with her, and I found myself looking at my own life with new insight."


– K. London


"My daugthter in law, Stephanie Savas Sheehan, sent me THE FOREVER DEAL. I'm an avid reader and haven't enjoyed a book so much in a long time. I became a widow at age 58 so I related to the thoughts and feelings you had when your husband died. You captured them so well without making it sappy. In the six years since my husband's death, I've never dated nor have I wanted to but, neverthelsss, reading your experiences were like reading a mystery. I couldn't wait to find out who you were going to end up marrying. I loved the fact that you wrote just enough about each of the men you dated without elaborating too much. Writing each man a note was clever. Also, the story about your granddaughter coming to live with you could have been a story in itself but you were writing about your relationships with men and didn't get side tracked. It included all the right tid bits to keep the reader immersed and left out the unnecessary details.


I've often written and was a member of a writing group but got side tracked in the past few years. Like you, I'd like to be "committed to the process of writing. I love the experience of traveling through my mind and allowing the words to spill onto the page...Doubt seems to appear less frequently as the muse grabs me" I, too, am looking forward to what comes next with your lingering ideas about what else is on your mind and in your heart. Please alert me as soon as your next page turner is "hot off the press."


– Nancy M. Sheehan, Plymouth, MA


"This is an extremely honest and moving story. Its author exposes a difficult quarter century of her life with the candor and understanding of one who has trained in various therapeutic modalities. Honesty, humor, sadness and love fill her pages as they filled her life during many years as a widow in a fast-paced city. Love and understanding infuse the author's story not only for her dying husband but also for youthful family members and even suitors who didn't meet the mark; and, finally, came the prize!"


– Amazon Customer


"This lovely book is a real page turner. I could not put it down. The author is a strong, compassionate and intelligent woman who has conquered so many trials and tribulations in her life with dignity and grace. The book brought tears to my eyes as well as happiness and joy. I actually felt stronger both mentally and physically after reading this remarkable story. Everyone...either going through a crisis or not will learn important lessons. I wholeheartedly recommend this book."


– Betty Ann Fineman


"Your book arrived, and I am so impressed with the writing, with your fulfilling your ambition and with this very real tale of life, loss and love.  Congratulations, dear Carole! "


– Love, Lynne


"I have known Carol since our high school days, many decades ago. She has always been honest, adventuresome, creative, supportive, and a risk taker. All of these strengths are demonstrated in her writing of "The Forever Deal-A Commitment to Love" to show the reader the difficult steps one has to take to accomplish the final outcome of success. Smiles and tears were what I experienced while reading her most touching and heartfelt book. It truly is a winner!"


–Toby Marantz


"Touching, funny, heartwarming....what more could you ask for? What makes this book unique is it's about finding love midway through life and never giving up on believing that love is possible no matter your age and how many frogs you have to kiss before finding your prince! It would make a great movie!"


– Amazon Customer


"I loved this book, and I love Carole. What amazing courage to share her innermost feelings and secrets with such generosity. While each person going through such times of sorrow will walk a slightly different path, I think those who read the book will find comfort in many of her most intimate descriptions of loss, frustration, self-doubt, despair, as well as hope, joy, and love. Thank you Carole, for giving us all a piece of your heart! XO"


– Gai Klass

"After the loss of her husband Carole begins a journey to rediscover herself and eventually search for lasting love. From the beginning, the book was entertaining and hard to put down. You're on Carole's side through her many different adventures and you can't wait for that happy ending!"


– Carole 

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